Our industry-leading features

Field Services Manager

Boost your productivity through efficient planning

  • Anticipate disruption to your job schedule to cater for and respond to unexpected events quickly

  • Create a positive impact on operations with real-time vehicle tracking, rules, and alerts.

  • Speed up your work with custom solutions for scheduling, dispatching, and managing your field sales or service fleet.
Calculating costs

Reduce fleet running costs significantly

  • Keep costs under control and get more jobs done on time.

  • Analyse the most relevant data in order to reduce the total cost of the vehicles owned by your fleet.

  • Track fuel usage and idling trends and pick the best routes for drivers.

  • Reduce fuel costs associated with poor driving behaviour.
Insights and advice

Improve performance and efficiency where it matters most

  • Get insights and advice through face-to-face ongoing support from your dedicated team of fleet management experts.

  • Access and analyse all the fleet information and insights you need to improve your fleet’s performance.

  • Establish action plans for improvement.
4.6% fuel economy
improvement and 8% improvement on the green range driving indicator.
Rentokil Van
"These exceptional results are the result of an alchemy that goes beyond simple customer relations. More than a supplier, MICHELIN Connected Fleet is a committed partner while Rentokil is a proactive company: from the management to the agents, everyone is involved, communicating and participating."
Rentokil Van Franck Rognon, Logistics Director, RENTOKIL