MICHELIN Connected Fleet services and solutions

MICHELIN Connected Fleet services and solutions are designed to offer the tools and information that fleet operators and managers need to easily manage their fleets on a day-to-day basis and transform their operational efficiency.

More than a supplier, we work as a true partner. Our team of experts will accompany you at all times, analyzing your mobility data to turn them into concrete actions, so that you can reduce your costs, improve your productivity, guarantee the safety of your drivers and manage more sustainable fleets.

Why do they already trust us:


At Michelin, strength and stability are part of our DNA. We have been pioneers in our field for more than 130 years, and we will continue to lead the world of connected mobility for the next 130 years, thanks to our commitment to building deep relationships with our customers and our drive to innovate for a better life on the go.

With our visionary history and unwavering reputation, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a true leader in sustainable mobility, helping you keep your business safe and successful in the future.