Data is the key to modern fleet management. However, for many fleet managers, it can feel overwhelming to have vast amounts of data at your fingertips. Where do you start?

 To make the most of your truck and trailer data and ensure optimal utilization of your fleet assets, it’s important to set goals. Once you have specific operational goals you want to measure against, you can determine which data can be leveraged to support your KPIs – whether they’re increasing productivity, promoting safety or driving return on connected fleet technology investment.

In this blog, MICHELIN Connected Fleet highlights four measurable ways fleet managers can leverage truck and trailer data to improve fleet utilization and performance.

1. Minimize Fuel Costs

If your first goal is to minimize fuel costs for your truck and trailer fleet, a good place to start is to analyze how much fuel your assets currently use and what it’s costing your business. With rising fuel prices, fleet managers often find themselves spending more to keep up with demand. This can add up quickly, and many organizations are seeking out solutions to help the bottom line.

To maintain fuel efficiency and help reduce fuel spending, turn toward your connected fleet solution. Fleet data from a fuel monitoring system can identify how much fuel your vehicles use and uncover inefficient fuel use or waste patterns. Armed with this data, you can make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and mitigate driver or vehicle issues impacting fuel costs. Using this data not only helps reduce costs but also helps you manage overall operational spending and improve the lifetime of your vehicles.

2. Prevent unplanned vehicle maintenance

In line with reducing costs, many fleet managers aim to reduce unplanned vehicle maintenance spending. These repairs can be costly and contribute to vehicle downtime, which also impacts the bottom line. One way to prevent unplanned vehicle maintenance is to proactively plan and schedule maintenance at regular intervals. Use your truck and trailer data to establish a proactive maintenance strategy based on any set of criteria like miles driven, driver behavior or vehicle utilization.

3. Improve safety & Compliance

The next goal at the top of many fleet owners' minds is improving fleet safety and compliance. Protecting your drivers and vehicles on and off the road is integral to any fleet management strategy. When drivers practice unsafe driving behaviors or fail to remain compliant with state and federal regulations, they risk damaging vehicle equipment, pausing operations and – worst of all – causing harm to themselves or others on the road.

With connected fleet technologies like GPS tracking, you can have access to real-time updates on driving patterns, vehicle locations and route inefficiencies. Data from real-time driving alerts gives you greater visibility into roadside behavior and helps you take necessary steps to prevent accidents and promote safe driving habits.

Additionally, data from compliant electronic logging device (ELD) solutions can help measure driver performance and provide insight into driver hours, which can be used to manage and update schedules. With this data in hand, you can better prioritize driver compliance, all while ensuring the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

4. Boost Thoughtful Fleet Utilization

The final goal you can use truck and trailer data to support is thoughtful fleet utilization. Having a 360-degree view of your fleet is paramount for a successful management strategy. But when you are in charge of dozens or even hundreds of vehicles, keeping track of assets and maintaining large-scale operations can be challenging.

Asset-tracking solutions provide fleet managers with the exact location of their vehicles and asset delivery status. You can use data from these solutions to identify new route patterns, improve on-time delivery, maximize fleet utilization and drive greater productivity.

Your connected fleet solution can pull data from all vehicles into one consolidated view, giving you holistic visibility into your assets, drivers and most important metrics.

Make the Most of Your Fleet Data with MICHELIN Connected Fleet

Using your truck and trailer data to its fullest potential can feel like a daunting task. Turn to a connected fleet management partner who not only understands your business goals but can turn your data into actionable insights. MICHELIN Connected Fleet can help you make the most out of your fleet data, ensuring optimal utilization of your vehicles and drivers in a safe and cost-effective way.

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