For fleet owners and managers, driver safety is a year-round priority. However, each year in April, industry safety groups rally to raise additional awareness of the serious threat distracted driving poses to everyone on the road. Deemed Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Safety Council, this month is dedicated to promoting safe driving habits. This safety campaign has never been more critical, as stats from the NHTSA show nine people are killed, and more than 1,000 are injured daily from distraction-related road incidents in the United States. These sobering numbers remind us that we can all do better at keeping our eyes and attention on the road.

At MICHELIN Connected Fleet, we know driver safety is a top concern for fleets of all sizes. Our goal is to equip fleet owners and managers with the tools, data and strategies to keep drivers – and others on the road – as safe as possible. Here’s how to get the most out of your fleet management solution.

1. set up live alerts & reports to monitor driving performance

Implementing live alerts and comprehensive reporting systems within your fleet management solution is instrumental in monitoring driving performance. By configuring alerts for behaviors such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking or excessive speeding, fleet managers can promptly address risky driving habits. Real-time reports provide valuable insights into driver behavior trends, enabling proactive intervention to mitigate potential risks before they escalate. Utilizing these features allows for continuous monitoring and improvement of driver safety standards.

2. leverage incident management to get instant visibility of roadside incidents

Incident management capabilities offer fleet managers immediate visibility into roadside incidents, ensuring swift response and assistance when necessary. Through real-time notifications and GPS tracking, managers can pinpoint the exact location of incidents and dispatch support efficiently. Whether it's a breakdown, collision or other emergencies, prompt intervention can minimize disruption and ensure the safety of both drivers and other road users. Leveraging incident management tools enhances overall fleet safety by enabling quick resolution of unexpected events.

3. manage proactive maintenance of your assets

Proactive maintenance strategies are paramount in ensuring the reliability and safety of fleet assets. Utilizing advanced fleet management solutions allows for the implementation of maintenance schedules based on vehicle diagnostics and usage data. By monitoring indicators such as engine health, tire condition and fluid levels in real-time, potential issues can be identified early, preventing breakdowns and accidents. Adopting proactive maintenance practices not only enhances safety but also minimizes downtime and operational costs.

4. enhance your driver training & safety

Investing in comprehensive driver training programs is essential for fostering a safety-first culture within your fleet. Utilize your fleet management solution to analyze driver performance data and identify areas for improvement. Tailor training modules to address specific behaviors or skills that need enhancement, such as defensive driving techniques or proper vehicle handling. Additionally, incentivize safe driving practices through rewards and recognition programs to encourage ongoing adherence to safety protocols. By prioritizing driver training and safety initiatives, fleets can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and promote responsible driving habits.

5. Monitor driver fatigue & hours driven with ELD

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are crucial in monitoring driver fatigue and compliance with hours-of-service regulations. Integrated with your fleet management solution, ELDs automatically record and track driver hours, ensuring adherence to legal rest periods and preventing excessive fatigue. Real-time alerts can notify managers of potential violations or fatigue-related driving patterns, enabling timely intervention to avoid accidents caused by driver fatigue. By prioritizing driver well-being and compliance with regulatory requirements, fleets can mitigate the risks associated with drowsy driving and promote safer operating practices.

year-round safety, powered by MICHELIN Connected Fleet

Distracted Driving Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the persistent threat posed by distracted driving on our roads. By leveraging advanced fleet management solutions like those offered by MICHELIN Connected Fleet, fleet owners and managers can ensure year-round safety for their drivers and other road users. From implementing live alerts and incident management to proactive maintenance scheduling and driver training enhancements, these solutions empower fleets to continuously monitor and improve driver performance. By prioritizing safety and leveraging technology to address potential risks, fleet operators can play a pivotal role in reducing accidents and promoting responsible driving habits, not just during April but every day of the year.

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