With over 3.5 million professional truck drivers on the roads, their crucial role in delivering goods safely and efficiently cannot be understated. These dedicated individuals help drive our economy forward, and MICHELIN Connected Fleet is committed to supporting them by using our solutions to help prioritize their safety, well-being and productivity. Here’s how we put drivers first and equip fleet business partners with the tools to do the same.


One of the primary ways MICHELIN Connected Fleet helps you put drivers first is by providing them with the tools they need to be more efficient and productive. We offer innovative solutions to streamline asset management, job management and ETA notifications to end customers – helping optimize on-time delivery and productivity. By equipping fleets and drivers with tools to improve productivity, we help make their day-to-day easier so they can focus on their day-to-day jobs.


MICHELIN Connected Fleet offers first-in-class training programs and best practices designed to enhance driver skills and knowledge, specifically using driver behavior and in-cab coaching technology. From identifying specific driver behaviors to recommending fuel-efficient driving strategies, we equip fleet businesses – and their drivers – with the tools they need to excel on the road.


MICHELIN Connected Fleet acts as a true partner in the industry. We take the time and energy to examine fleet operations, understand business pain points and craft solutions that fit specific goals. A tailored solution means you capture the data that matters most – from driver behavior, vehicle location, fuel consumption and more. With our ongoing data analysis services and support, we help turn your fleet data into actionable insights. For fleet owners, this means unprecedented visibility into your operations. For drivers, this means benefiting from higher levels of productivity, safety and support.


At a time when there is increased pressure on all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and implement cost control measures, MICHELIN Connected Fleet is here to help you move to electric. Fuel costs are a significant expense for fleet owners and managers, and reducing fuel consumption not only cuts costs but it gives drivers more time back in their day. Fleets, drivers and the planet are all winners in this scenario. Businesses can reach sustainability goals, maintain a competitive standing in the industry and operate within industry best practices and regulations – all attractive workplace conditions for drivers.


Lastly, but arguably most importantly, MICHELIN Connected Fleet helps you put drivers first by prioritizing safety. We offer cutting-edge safety solutions that give instant visibility into driving behaviors, live alerts and reports to improve driving performance and video capture that keeps drivers safe with instant visibility of roadside incidents.

As your fleet management partner, MICHELIN Connected Fleet remains dedicated to putting drivers first. We empower them to be more productive, reduce fuel consumption, and operate safely through innovative technologies and solutions. As we celebrate the hard work and commitment of our nation’s truck drivers, we are proud to stand by their side, ensuring that they have the tools and ongoing support to succeed in this demanding and essential profession.

Thank you to all the truck drivers who keep America moving forward and for allowing MICHELIN Connected Fleet to be a part of your journey. More information about MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s safety and productivity solutions can be found here.


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