Dash cams, or dashboard cameras, are one of the most widespread and effective tools a commercial fleet can have. Dash cams are more versatile than you’d initially think, being at once a way of improving fleet safety and reducing fleet costs by coaching drivers and clearing an organisation of false claims through contextual proof.

What are the Different Types of Dash Cams?

Owing to the prevalence of dash cams, there are various types and models available on the market today. So that you can identify the most suitable one for your fleet’s needs, we’ve listed the different types:

  • Front-facing dash cam: Front-facing dash cams have a single lens that captures what is immediately facing outwards from a fleet vehicle.
  • Dual-facing dash cam: Dual-facing dash cams have two lenses that simultaneously record footage both inwards and outwards of a fleet vehicle.
  • Side and rear dash cams: Side and rear dash cams are fitted externally and provide a 360-degree view of a fleet vehicle’s environment.
  • Interior dash cams: Interior dash cams are placed within the load area of a fleet vehicle in order to monitor the cargo being carried.

The Benefits of Dash Cams for Commercial Fleets

There are many reasons why you need dash cams in a commercial fleet setting, including how they offer:

  • Evidence in the event of on-road incidents: If an accident such as a collision occurs during a fleet operation, it’s likely you’ll be filing an insurance claim afterwards. On the other hand, it’s possible for the other driver involved to attempt insurance fraud. Dash cams afford commercial fleets with evidence for both instances, directly resulting in financial savings.
  • Improvements in safety: Dash cams can prove integral to maintaining safety for the fleet driver themselves and others on the road. That is, by how AI dash cams can detect risks in real-time before alerting the driver of hazardous conditions regarding elements like blind spots. Such recordings can then be used in training programmes.
  • Protection against theft: Cargo theft is a major issue in the transportation industry. If it happens to your fleet, then this is where having access to relevant footage is essential. Likewise, for cases of hit and runs which imply vehicle damage.

Integrated Fleet Dash Cam Solutions from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

We at MICHELIN Connected Fleet wholly understand the importance of dash cams, which is why we have developed integrated fleet dash cam solutions for commercial fleets. Our solutions feature cutting-edge dual AI cameras which give live feedback of potentially dangerous driving behaviour and situations, so that comprehensive visibility is a constant for fleet managers.

If you’re interested in implementing a fleet-wide dash cam solution that promotes operational efficiency, safety, and compliance, then be sure to contact us for details on how our service can benefit your business or company today.