For fleet managers, maintaining operational efficiency is paramount. It’s of great importance that vehicle fleets are at once safe, compliant, and economical. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are essential to fulfilling these facets of fleet management.

What data does an ELD record?

ELDs plug into the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port of a vehicle and from there capture a range of useful data, regardless of if that vehicle is stationary or running. Information collected by ELDs include:

  • Driving time
  • Vehicle location
  • Distance driven
  • Vehicle movements
  • Engine speed and load
  • Diagnostics and fault codes

What is an ELD Used for?

When integrated into fleet management software, the metrics provided by ELDs come with a host of applications. For instance, use cases for ELDs have proven instrumental to fleet managers in reducing operational costs while maximising general efficiency. This is by how ELD data allows fleet managers to:

  • Identify bad driving habits which lead to fuel inefficiency like harsh braking 
  • Maintain regulatory compliance by avoiding Hours of Service (Hos) violations 
  • Optimise routes via real-time GPS visibility and geofencing
  • Stop breakdowns from occurring by conducting proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Prevent driver fatigue

Relative to the above, not only are cost savings implied with ELDs, but driver safety is likewise ensured.

ELD Solutions from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

As well as fleet costs and compliance, ELD solutions also encourage efficiencies in other areas such as administration. ELDs as part of a fleet management solution substantially reduce the amount of paperwork involved in a fleet manager's duties, in addition to improving ease of communication between these managers and the drivers they are responsible for.

For this reason, we at MICHELIN Connected Fleet have developed cutting-edge ELD solutions for managers of commercial vehicle fleets. If you’re interested in a cloud-based dashboard system that streamlines fleet management for your business, then be sure to contact us today for further details on how our service can benefit your business.