Vehicle fleets are open to numerous risks which not only concern the drivers themselves alongside other road users, but also the efficiency of a business’s overall fleet operations. Therefore, implementing proactive methods and plans is essential.

What Areas Does Fleet Risk Management Cover?

Driver Safety

A crucial concern for a fleet risk manager is addressing driver distraction within vehicles, which remains as one of the leading causes of accidents. Technological advancements, such as those of AI, now facilitate the detection of distracted driver behaviour within the cab. 

This allows timely alerts to be sent to drivers who are engaging in unsafe practices, so that they can adjust their behaviour accordingly. By incorporating dash cameras, fleet managers can enhance their ability to monitor and coach drivers. In essence, this fosters safer driving habits, which ultimately reduces the risk of on-road incidents.

Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance plays a large part in ensuring both driver safety and fleet efficiency. The recent digitisation of fleet operations has enabled fleet risk managers to more effectively oversee vehicle maintenance by monitoring key factors such as engine data, tire pressure, and brake performance. 

With fleet risk management systems, potential issues are identified before they escalate into detrimental problems. This proactive approach allows for the efficient scheduling of maintenance tasks and prompt receipt of information on trouble codes, both of which contribute to mitigating safety risks within a fleet.

Compliance with Regulations

All fleet managers bear the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of their fleet. This is a core task that, despite the common administrative challenges it poses, is necessary for the safe and lawful operation of a fleet. Otherwise, fines, penalties, and even accidents may follow. Managing a compliant fleet means navigating through regulatory requirements, addressing legal obligations, and implementing policies which align with set industry standards. 

This demanding role requires a nuanced understanding of ever-evolving regulations, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to upholding the integrity of fleet operations, regardless of the complexities involved. Thankfully, fleet management solutions provide assistance here.

Fleet Risk Management Solutions from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

We at MICHELIN Connected Fleet understand first-hand the importance of fleet risk management, as well as how difficult it can be to uphold the associated practices. It’s for this reason why we’ve developed fleet risk management solutions. Our solutions combine fleet management software and hardware in order to give fleet managers an easier way of making data-driven decisions.

If you’re interested in better managing the risks your fleet faces and guaranteeing regulatory compliance, then be sure to contact us for details on how our service can benefit your business or company today.