Fuel management is an approach towards reducing a vehicle fleet’s total fuel consumption in order to dramatically cut costs. Moreover, better management in this area also helps in reducing a fleet’s CO2 emissions, minimising its environmental impact. Fuel management systems are essential tools here.

How Do Fuel Management Systems Work?

Fuel management systems work through a combination of software and hardware. Fleet managers used to rely on the manual recording of fuel usage. However, the advent of fuel management software has revolutionised this comparatively ineffective method, instead automating the tracking and storage of fuel data. 

By these means, fuel management systems assist in monitoring an entire fleet's fuel consumption relatively easily. Leveraging both vehicle and driver data, the capabilities of such systems work to increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower costs simultaneously.

Fuel Management Software

Being a key part in a fuel management system, fuel management software offers ready access to a range of vehicle and driver data. This data allows for the active management of fuel consumption and establishes in-depth historical performance analysis.

The inclusion of driver data offers visibility into on-road behaviour, a factor that entails a significant impact on fuel consumption. Aspects such as speeding, idling, and harsh braking negatively influence fuel efficiency. By scrutinising driving trends that directly contribute to higher fuel consumption, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement, determine which drivers may benefit from additional training, and provide encouragement towards better driving habits. 

On top of this, vehicle data being shown likewise contributes to the facilitation of more regular vehicle maintenance. As such, extending the life cycle of fleet vehicles and resulting in long-term expenditure reduction.

Fuel Management Solutions from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

We at MICHELIN Connected Fleet know how hard it can be to properly manage the fuel consumption of a vehicle fleet, and is precisely why we have developed fuel management solutions which make the task less burdensome. 

Although our solutions equip fleet managers with a fuel management system, they also include our consultative services on driver training while enabling proactive vehicle maintenance so that your fleet is always running at its most efficient.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a fleet fuel management system, then be sure to contact us for further details on how we can support your business or company today.