It’s vital that paramedics are provided with all of the support and information they require to do their jobs well. Transporting vulnerable, sick, elderly, and injured people in an emergency can be very dangerous because time is of the essence, and a lot tends to be happening at once.

So, how can you ensure that you provide your paramedics with all of the data and guidance they need to work quickly and safely in an emergency? Geolocation could be your secret weapon.

Geolocation should be a key asset for emergency medical transport vehicles

The UK’s ambulances are already equipped with on-board IT solutions, but they don’t always provide drivers and their colleagues with the best information that will truly help them in an emergency. We’ve developed MICHELIN Connected Fleet with this in mind and are always striving to provide the best possible solutions and service to make your workers’ difficult jobs easier.

Our geolocation feature will ensure all of your vehicles are visible to you at all times, allowing for urgent intervention if required. It will also allow you to:

  • Identify the nearest vehicle to an accident site or the location of an emergency so they can get there as quickly as possible
  • Shorten your response times
  • Access any information you require as soon as you need it

Without geolocation, you may be forced to call your ambulance staff to find out where they are, what they’re doing, and whether they can help in an emergency. This could waste very precious time, and pose a danger to the people you need to help.

Geolocation can reduce your costs and improve your operations

The right fleet management solution can also help you to reduce your operating costs, as well as improve the overall efficiency of your work. This is because a tool like MICHELIN Connected Fleet will help you to:

  • Better manage point of interest, vehicles’ history, and the routes you workers take
  • Provide feedback to your drivers in real time
  • Simplify administrative tasks, as you’ll know where everyone is at all times
  • Optimise the utilisation of your ambulance fleet, so you can handle every job in the most efficient way possible

These benefits will help you to manage your daily operations much more effectively, making your paramedics’ jobs easier and ensuring you can save more lives.

You can optimise your existing systems with MICHELIN Connected Fleet

We’ve designed our fleet management and geolocation solutions with ambulances in mind, which means they’ve been created to integrate with your existing management and dispatch solutions, such as Lomaco.

This means you can seamlessly enhance your existing systems with reliable and accurate real-time data from your vehicles and drivers without extra work. You won’t be starting from scratch — our fleet management solutions will simply be an additional tool you can use to fully optimise your operation.

We know just how important it is for emergency medical transport vehicles to be working at their best at all times, and we’re here to help your fleet do just that. Here at MICHELIN Connected Fleet, we’ve designed solutions to address your specific pain points and help you save more lives. With geolocation and a data-driven approach, you’re sure to be surprised by how much efficiently your operation could be running.