Today, the efficiency and sustainability of your fleet are paramount. However, it can be difficult to maximise both. Are you wondering how you can start managing your fleet without downtime of your vehicles at the installation stage? Using integrated fleet management solutions with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicles can help you with this. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it can also enhance the productivity of your fleet.

In this blog, we'll talk about how OEM vehicles with integrated fleet management data should be your ‘go-to’ choice, and how our tailored offerings can meet your specific needs.

Increase your fleet’s productivity 

Switching to an OEM fleet management solution can significantly improve the productivity of your fleet. With an OEM solution, your vehicles come with pre-equipped devices, which eliminates the need for post-purchase hardware installation. This can take vehicles off the road and immobilise them, leading to downtime of vehicles. By avoiding this and choosing the OEM alternative solution, you can activate your fleet management solutions remotely, ensuring that your fleet remains operational at all times. This seamless offer means no downtime, allowing your fleets to maintain continuous operations and avoid costly interruptions. It’s a win - win situation! 

Increase efficiency even more with simplified fleet management

The pre-installed hardware in OEM vehicles also means that fleet management becomes more straightforward and efficient. There is no need for duplicate installations, as everything you need is already integrated into the vehicle. This reduces the time associated with managing your fleet, allowing you to focus on your core business operations, and reduce costs.

Environmentally friendly too - what more could you want?

OEM vehicles can also have a positive impact on the environment as they are designed with the latest eco-friendly technologies, often including options for electric and hybrid models. By choosing vehicles that produce fewer emissions, you can reduce your carbon footprint and comply with the constant increase in environmental regulations. If you are an environmentally-conscious person or business, OEMs are one of the best options of vehicle to choose if you want to reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

in summary

Choosing an OEM fleet management solution for your fleet offers numerous benefits, from enhanced productivity, reduced costs and improved sustainability. Our tailored offerings ensure that you receive solutions that meet your specific industry needs, providing you with the solutions to succeed in a competitive market. OEM fleet management really is the way forward, so join us in our commitment to helping you build a more efficient, and greener fleet and unlocking your fleet’s full potential! 

We at MICHELIN Connected Fleet have developed fleet management solutions paired with a leading consultative service which empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of their fleets. If you’re interested in gaining a competitive edge in your respective industry, then feel free to make an enquiry into how we can support your business or company today.

nb. MICHELIN Connected Fleet is proud to be partnered with Ford, Renault & Stellantis (Peugeot, Citroen, DS & Opel/Vauxhall)