Detouring is a considerable problem within fleet management, it is not uncommon and leads to higher rates of fuel consumption, lowered security, and defeats the purpose of optimised routing. Geofencing wholly addresses this issue and more.

How Geofencing Improves Fleet Management

The use of GPS-based geofencing enables the continuous monitoring of fleets as they enter or exit predefined areas. This functionality proves invaluable for staying informed about critical events, such as crossing borders and arriving at delivery destinations, through real-time notifications.

These alerts serve as a prompt, ensuring immediate action in case of unexpected incidents. For instance, if a vehicle were to deviate from its designated area or time, a fleet manager would receive an instantaneous alert, consequently allowing for a quick response and action based on the information.

The Benefits of Geofencing in Fleet Management

Geofencing has shown to be highly important for organisations managing vehicle fleets. It offers enhanced visibility into operations, and so positively influences route planning and fuel consumption. Moreover, geofencing simplifies and streamlines coordinated communication by providing notifications when fleets reach specific locations or checkpoints.

In terms of operational analysis, geofencing allows organisations to keep an in-depth record of location visits, average time spent with customers, and detention details. This data provides valuable insights for a thorough analysis of fleet operations. Regarding detention in particular, geofencing contributes to the reduction of these times by sending automated alerts to facilities and receivers, notifying them in advance of a vehicle's impending arrival. In effect, this wholly minimises any associated delays.

Geofencing Solutions from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

Geofencing has proven indispensable in modern fleet management, being a way of gaining a whole new range of visibility and thereby optimising a fleet’s operations. In this manner, it is essential to a fleet manager’s understanding of their fleet’s day-to-day progress.

For this reason, we at MICHELIN Connected Fleet have incorporated geofencing technology within our fleet management solutions so that you can at once improve your fleet’s operational efficiency and level of customer satisfaction, all while cutting down on costs resulting from detouring. 

For further details, don’t hesitate to contact us on how we can support your business or company by implementing a geofencing fleet management solution today.