All organisations using delivery fleets share a common priority: guaranteeing timely product delivery for each and every customer. Achieving this goal necessitates comprehensive transparency and control over the fleet and its orders. Consequently, investing in a purpose-built solution such as last mile delivery software is imperative.

The Challenges of Last Mile Deliveries

Last mile delivery software is designed to solve the common challenges encountered in this last phase of the logistics process, these include:

  • Real-Time Last Mile Visibility

Fleets managers have long struggled with the lack of real-time visibility into last-mile jobs, resulting in various inefficiencies such as delivery delays, heightened risks, and inaccurate benchmarking.

  • Control over Last Mile Operations

With logistics evolving rapidly, traditional methods of managing deliveries often fail to keep pace. The absence of robust tracking technology makes it challenging to maintain adequate control over operations.

  • Meeting Customer Expectations

In today's fast-paced landscape, customers demand consistent updates on their deliveries. Failing to provide such information can lead to amplified dissatisfaction and potentially damage brand reputation.

  • Reducing Order Status Calls

Businesses are inundated with increasing volumes of customer inquiries regarding shipment status. This consumes significant resources and time that could otherwise be allocated elsewhere.

  • Communication with Drivers

Fleet drivers frequently lack clarity regarding their daily tasks and performance targets, resulting in inefficiencies and reduced productivity.

  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Inefficient deliveries incur increased costs while also leading to decreased productivity, highlighting the importance of optimising processes for overall operational efficiency.

What is Last Mile Delivery Software?

Last mile delivery software empowers businesses to efficiently manage the final phase of supply chain operations, i.e., transporting goods from distribution centres to their destinations.

This phase is often the most challenging and time-consuming. However, despite its complexity, customer expectations for quick and seamless service continue to rise, with options like same-day delivery becoming the norm.

To remain competitive, businesses must streamline their delivery processes. By providing fleet managers with the necessary tools, last mile delivery software enables them to optimise operations, minimise costs, and meet the growing demands of today's consumers.

What Does the Best Last Mile Delivery Software Include?

1. Route Planning 

This feature eases the task of manual route planning by leveraging data to identify optimal routes. By minimising fuel consumption, distance travelled, and estimated time of arrival (ETA), businesses can significantly lower labour and fuel expenses.

2. Automatic Dispatching

Last mile delivery software automatically assigns orders to drivers based on their existing route, current location, and vehicle type. This ensures better distribution of labour and reduces wait times for customers.

3. Tracking for Customers

Real-time tracking capabilities enable customers to stay informed by monitoring the progress of their orders. This transparency is the key to maintaining customer satisfaction and mitigating negative reviews.

4. Proof of Delivery

Contactless delivery options, coupled with photographic proof, offer reassurance to both businesses and customers. This feature safeguards against unwarranted complaints, while providing recipients with notifications of order arrivals.

5. Performance Monitoring

Performance tracking, including metrics such as on-time delivery rates and distance travelled, enables fleet managers to evaluate their operations. Data segmentation allows for targeted KPI analysis so that businesses can identify areas for improvement.

6. Customer Feedback

Integrated customer review systems provide valuable actionable insights into driver performance and overall satisfaction levels. By facilitating feedback collection directly, fleet managers can continually refine their services and provide constructive criticism to their drivers.

7. Mobile Application

The integration of a mobile application which is compatible with existing navigation systems allows drivers to easily manage deliveries as well as receive clear instructions during jobs.

What are the Benefits of Last Mile Delivery Software?

Improved Delivery Times

Last mile delivery software not only enables job planning, but also optimises delivery routes in response to real-time variables such as traffic congestion and weather conditions. 

By facilitating quick addition of orders to fleet routes while optimising journeys for faster and more accurate ETAs, the software ensures that drivers are equipped with the most efficient paths.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Timely and reliable order arrivals are not just about satisfying customers; they also play an integral role in fostering repeat purchases. With last mile delivery tracking software, fleets can offer unparalleled transparency throughout the delivery process.

Moreover, automated notifications keep customers informed about delivery progress and potential delays, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. By prioritising customer service and delivering an exceptional experience, businesses can strengthen brand loyalty and reputation.

Streamlined Delivery Operations and Reduced Costs

Leveraging automation and fleet analytics, last mile delivery software streamlines operations by conveniently managing orders, dispatching drivers, and optimising routes to minimise fuel consumption.

By promoting operational efficiency and cost reduction, these platforms play a large part in enhancing supply chain effectiveness for businesses engaged in ecommerce and direct-to-consumer shipping.

Last Mile Delivery Software from MICHELIN Connected Fleet

To address the persistent challenges faced in the transport and logistics industry's final phase, we at MICHELIN Connected Fleet have developed smart job management solutions and consultative services which integrate last mile delivery software. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools paired with a mobile app designed to streamline operations, increase visibility, and meet the ever-increasing demands of modern consumers. Alongside this, our smart reports and data-driven approach will help to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fleet’s data through actionable insights and recommendations.

If you’re interested in benefiting from heightened last mile visibility and route optimisation alongside a host of other features, including automation to exceed customer expectations, then be sure to make an enquiry into how our services can help your business today.