In fleet management today, the matter of sustainability has gained paramount relevance due to the urgent need of addressing our global climate crisis. This has led many in the industry to speedily adopt more environmentally friendly fleet management practices.

However, still bearing the core issue in mind, it's also essential to understand that aside from the positive environmental impact implied, embracing fleet sustainability also carries significant benefits for your business as well. This piece will discuss the main benefits and repercussions that sustainability has on your business, ultimately showing why sustainability is key for fleets.

What is Fleet Sustainability?

Fleet sustainability is a process which entails assessing the broad environmental impact of a fleet, and thereafter identifying opportunities for enhancement, implementing changes, and gauging progress with the intent of initiating the cycle anew.

Leading methods for achieving fleet sustainability include the use of real-time GPS tracking, optimised route planning, the integration of electric vehicles (EVs), the provision of fuel efficiency training for drivers, the exploration of alternative fuel options, and the adoption of predictive maintenance schedules.

Why is Fleet Sustainability Important?

Fleet sustainability has gained considerable importance principally due to the growing necessity for fleets to reduce their carbon footprint. The transportation sector collectively is a major contributor in this context, being responsible for nearly a quarter of the UK's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, focusing on fleet sustainability has the potential to bring about substantial positive changes for our environment.

Many businesses have understood this core aim of fleet sustainability to mean that there aren't any direct incentives for them to prioritise it. Instead, even believing that there’s the possibility of their usual operations experiencing disruptions as a result of a shift towards new practices. Such apprehension is relatively justified, although it isn’t the case that switching to eco-friendly practices will have any negative consequences for a fleet. Rather, the inverse is true, and this can be seen in the two main benefits of fleet sustainability for businesses:

1. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is inherent in fleet sustainability. Reason being, that one of the primary facets of fleet sustainability is on-road efficiency, which equates to less being spent on fuel. Given that fuel is one of a fleet’s biggest expenditures, better management in this area leads to drastic improvements.

This becomes even more evident when a business transitions to EVs. While EVs may entail a higher upfront investment, the long-term savings gained by eliminating fuel costs all together make them a financially sound choice for businesses.

2. Improved Brand Reputation

Society is increasingly conscious of the importance of sustainability for our environment, and this awareness has significant implications for businesses. Customers today are more discerning in their brand choices, with a growing desire for products and services that align with their values.

Given the association of fleets with large fuel consumption, actively promoting your business's commitment to sustainable practices can enhance your reputation and attract a larger customer base. Today's consumers are more inclined to support businesses that prioritise sustainability, which in turn can enhance levels of customer engagement.

Achieve Fleet Sustainability with MICHELIN

In essence, building a more sustainable fleet offers advantages to both the environment and the business. These benefits from a business perspective notably include cost reduction and a heightened brand reputation. Albeit, there are various approaches to achieving fleet sustainability, and this can make the prospect overwhelming.

For this reason, we at MICHELIN Connected Fleet have developed sustainable fleet management solutions. Our solutions not only equip you with all of the hardware and software needed to streamline your operations, but also ensure that your business receives expert advice in the form of our consultative service.

If you’re interested in making your fleet more sustainable in order to enjoy the intrinsic benefits, then be sure to make an enquiry into how we can assist your business with its sustainability goals today.