Robert Lindsay

Driver Risk Manager, Fleet Services, Balfour Beatty Workplace







Discover how the whole Balfour Beatty Group were managed with various solutions for the different businesses, giving insights into driver behaviour

Balfour Beatty Group operates across a broad spectrum of infrastructure markets including transportation (roads, rail and airports); social infrastructure (education, specialist healthcare and various types of accommodation); utilities (water, gas, power transmission and generation) and commercial (offices, leisure and retail).

This means that the fleet, and in this case the telematics requirements, are different across regions, divisions and OpCos. The challenge for Balfour Beatty Fleet Services was to supply competitive telematics services as part of the centrally managed fleet. It had to provide best value, best fit and the best technical solution to the whole Balfour Beatty Group managed under a central framework agreement.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet provided Balfour Beatty with the full product portfolio of fleet solutions beyond vehicle tracking that would meet the precise needs and requirements of all Balfour Beatty OpCos.

This included:

  • Driver Behaviour Products – designed to match both the Group’s Zero Harm safety ethos and Sustainability Roadmap, to manage driver performance, reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety

  • Asset Tracking – for deployment as temporary tracking devices for plant and machinery including specific hardware configured for plant security.

  • Traditional Telematics – deployed for operational control and to provide Balfour Beatty OpCos with a telematics- enabled tool-kit to manage productivity.

  • Project Management & Consultancy – as the Group has such diverse requirements, differing significantly from business to business, MICHELIN Connected Fleet consultants worked alongside Balfour Beatty representatives to ensure that the right products were deployed to the operating businesses.

“As we have a large Fleet and vast array of vehicle types we need to ensure that not only are we using them efficiently, but that we are selecting the right vehicles for the right situations – both at an individual job level and at the point of procurement.

As Head of Driver Risk Management, I also have a vested interest in positive driver behavioural change so this technology can help us identify those drivers who could benefit from some development / coaching and, similarly, assist us in recognising and rewarding those that are performing well.

“We feel that the MICHELIN Connected Fleet product offers the ‘full package’ as well as having the infrastructure and drive in place to join us on our journey of ‘Zero Harm”

As Balfour Beatty Fleet Services, we provide vehicles to the many Operating Companies (OpCos) around the Balfour Beatty Group. By their very nature, each OpCo will need to use vehicle telematics for different purposes; some with a focus on tracking the vehicles and others on driver behaviour, for example. So we needed a solution that would appeal to all the different businesses and have the potential to provide ROI in a number of different areas. We feel that the MICHELIN Connected Fleet product offers the ‘full package’ as well as having the infrastructure and drive in place to join us on our journey of ‘Zero Harm’."

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