Steve Hantzberg

Managing Director, Trans Actuel


Improvement in fuel consumption


Savings in fuel per month across 18 vehicles


Find out how Trans Actuel has optimised the management of its trucks, generating fuel savings and increasing driver awareness of eco-driving.

In order to optimise certain aspects of its fleet management, support its 20% annual growth and better satisfy its customers' needs, the transport company Trans Actuel, which places customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns, opted for Truck Plus from MICHELIN Connected Fleet.

After a year of use, Steve Hantzberg, the Managing Director at Trans Actuel, shares his experience and the first results obtained on the management of his truck fleet. So far, there are 4 points that he particularly appreciates:

  • The productivity improvements in the management of his fleet

  • The reduction in fuel consumption (5 to 7% lower expenses)

  • The awareness and training of its drivers in eco-driving

  • The regular and tailor-made support of the MICHELIN Connected Fleet teams to analyse the data and improve the performance and efficiency of its fleet

“Thanks to the Truck Plus fleet management solution from MICHELIN Connected Fleet, we now have a very practical connected tool for managing our truck fleet, which includes driver data, geolocation and the on-board virtual coach for eco-driving.”

"There were several reasons why we decided on Truck Plus from MICHELIN Connected Fleet. We were looking for a fleet management solution that would allow us to optimise various aspects of the day-to-day management of our truck fleet, starting with the management of driver data. We have a fleet of trucks spread across France and Europe. It is therefore difficult at the end of the month to gather all the drivers to obtain the social data. From an organisational point of view, the MICHELIN Connected Fleet Truck Plus solution allows us to automatically upload this data remotely, which saves us a lot of time, simplifies our processes and gives us real-time access to vehicle and driver data."

"The second aspect that appealed to us about the MICHELIN Connected Fleet Truck Plus fleet management solution is the integrated geolocation system. This function allows us to know the position of the truck, the time at which the driver started his journey and the driving time taken, so that we can anticipate compulsory breaks. With this information we can easily and accurately inform our customers of the expected delivery times, without having to call the driver."

"The third aspect offered by MICHELIN Connected Fleet Truck Plus is the presence of a virtual coach in each vehicle. This customised alert system enables our drivers to improve their driving style. This improvement is reflected in significant fuel savings and reduced maintenance issues."

"The three biggest faults observed high vehicle idling, driving out of the green zone of the rev counter and frequent harsh braking. To remedy this, we have been working with the drivers to make them aware of the consequences of these driving style, particularly the impact on fuel consumption and safety, and to teach them good eco-driving practices."

"We have already seen clear improvements at all levels. Of course, driving habits do not change immediately, but with regular reminders and thanks to the factual and objective analysis of the data and the possibility for drivers to compare themselves, we have already considerably improved certain aspects."

"Since we have been using the MICHELIN Connected Fleet Truck Plus solution, which is about a year, we have seen a clear improvement in fuel consumption, thanks in part to the ability to educate drivers. When we equipped all the vehicles with the MICHELIN Connected Fleet Truck Plus solution, we explained and trained our drivers, which created a better relationship with our teams."

"We are also gaining in efficiency and productivity, thanks to the automation of tachograph downloads and a dedicated team at MICHELIN that assists us in analysing driver and vehicle data. Apart from the obvious time savings, this gives us greater peace of mind in our business management.  In concrete terms, we are currently reducing our costs by 5 to 7% compared with our fuel consumption benchmark. For a fleet of 18 trucks, this represents a minimum saving of €2,000 per month."