Bruno Mas

Manager, Entreprise Mas

Find out how Entreprise Mas has improved its operational efficiency and boosted overall customer satisfaction.

After 13 years of use, Bruno Mas, a manager in the family run business, shares his experience and the results obtained thanks to the MICHELIN Connected Fleet solution.

In order to improve the quality of service provided to its customers, and to monitor and manage its day-to-day operations more effectively, the management of Entreprise Mas wanted to acquire a fleet management solution. In 2010, it opted for MICHELIN Connected Fleet's solution.

There were several reasons for this decision:

  1. Optimised job management and reduced management workload, thanks to real-time tracking of the location and departure and arrival times of response vehicles
  2. An improved customer experience by shortening journeys and enabling vehicles to arrive as close as possible to the site where they are to be used
  3. And finally, a simplified invoicing process, with detailed control of service times to avoid customer disputes.

Bruno Mas sums up what he particularly appreciates:

  • Optimisation of journeys and job management made possible by the real-time geolocation system, which enables him to know the position of the vehicle and the time the driver arrived and left the site, so that he can provide his customers with accurate information, assign jobs more effectively and facilitate the invoicing process.
  • Reliable information is always available via smart reports, making it possible to consult and compare at any time the number of kilometres, maximum speed and fuel consumption performed by the vehicles in the fleet, in order to identify the associated expenses.
  • A dedicated contact, providing ongoing customer support, rapid responses and the opportunity to find out about future improvements.
  • Partnership with the Gesec network, guaranteeing that the product and service provided are in line with customer needs and market innovations. 

What are the benefits of MICHELIN Connected Fleet's solution?

MICHELIN Connected Fleet's solution has enabled Entreprise Mas to optimise journeys and job management, thanks to the real-time geolocation of the vehicles in its fleet, the service provider closest to the appointment is contacted in order to get to the customer as quickly as possible. This makes it possible to be more reactive in organising the next call-out. At the same time, Entreprise Mas can know exactly when the service provider will arrive at the next appointment, without having to disturb him while he is driving or carrying out his previous assignment. In this way, customers are given advance notice of their service provider's arrival time, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

The reliable and readily-available information provided by MICHELIN Connected Fleet enables Mas Entreprise to check the total time of a job, thus avoiding any omissions when entering the start/end times of jobs, in order to invoice the customer correctly. This also avoids any possible disputes with the customer, improving operational efficiency and optimising invoicing.

As the victim of a vehicle theft, Bruno Mas was able to check that the vehicle was in a car park when it was stolen, making it easy to provide proof to insurance companies, who might have asked him to locate the vehicle at the time of the theft.

"A bonus of the solution is being able to use it as a control tool, it really does remove doubt from all aspects of the job, whilst remaining discreet."

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