Olivier Jacquin-Ravot, co-founder and Managing Director of one of the HELIOS Group brands, looks back on the first Eco-driving Challenge carried out in partnership with MICHELIN Connected Fleet and shares with us the results achieved.

"As a company that acts in the interests of road safety, we ask our drivers to behave in an exemplary way on the road. The idea for this Eco-driving Challenge came about during the regular exchanges we have with MICHELIN Connected Fleet, with whom we have been working for nearly 20 years. The aim was to encourage our employees to adopt a more appropriate driving style in order to improve their safety at the wheel and to contribute to our CSR approach, which aims in particular to reduce our environmental footprint.

The challenge had 3 objectives: 

  • Reduce the number of accidents caused by speeding and inappropriate braking
  • Reduce CO2 emissions thanks to better anticipation and 
    appropriate speed 
  • Reduce journey costs by reducing tyre and brake pad wear and fuel consumption.

how did the eco-driving challenge work?

During the challenge, drivers' performance was assessed according to 3 criteria: smoothness of driving, safety and the environment efficiency of driving style. To do this MICHELIN Connected Fleet fitted  In-Cab Coach lightbars, a device with green, orange and red alert lights, were installed in the vehicles to support the drivers, raise their awareness of smoother driving and provide real-time driving data for analysis. 

Each driver had access to their driving data on their smartphone. Acceleration, braking, overspeeding, engine idling, etc. were all assessed. Drivers could also see their score and their progress week by week.

The Eco-driving Challenge lasted 6 weeks for all the drivers in the fleet, i.e. around 200 employees, with trophies and prizes for the best drivers.


After taking part in the challenge, the data generated was analysed by MICHELIN Connected Fleet, with convincing results. A 4% drop in fuel consumption was recorded over the period, representing a saving of €10,000 for almost 30,000 kilometres travelled and 104,000 litres of fuel consumed by the 220 vehicles in the fleet that took part in the eco-driving challenge. 

Over and above the savings made, a tangible change in driving behaviour and an awareness of the impact of driving style on safety and the environment have been observed amongst the company's drivers. Improved braking distances, reduced harsh acceleration and lower speeds all have an impact on road safety and the environment. HELIOS has shared these results with its insurer, who is very engaged with this type of initiative, particularly when it comes to renegotiating contracts.

"The Eco driving Challenge was a good way of bringing our teams together and getting them involved in our environmental approach. In view of the very encouraging results of this operation, we have decided to organise a new Eco-driving Challenge, in particular to see if the good habits acquired persist. The aim this time is to forge closer links with the drivers, convert the few reluctant ones and get everyone involved in this collaborative project!"

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